Twenty years in advertising, as art director (BBDO, DDB, Contrapunto, JWT, among others).

Graphic designer, artist in different fields.

Silk painter, own production and collaborations whit fashion stylists.


Application areas

Advertising, illustration, web design, artistic books, silk painting, dance, scene.

Creation and realization of advertising campaigns, graphic edition, understanding and rendering of people of different kind and countries desires. Working with industry, poets, artists, fashion designers.

Pleased about team work, making my work cross of needs and feeling of all the ones involved in the project.



My work as creative: handle the material at hand, put in contact things all around, let this contact to form an idea, make this idea visible, to construct something functional to what is request, aesthetically, lovely or simply but not banally saleable.

Any request is welcome, it means I have to start a search, sometimes in different places from my usual ones. That does fetch knowledge. Who can ask for more?



 Beyond everything related with art, design and so on, there is dance.

Years after years in classic, jazz, contemporary studios, finding in this last one my more comfortable expression.

I see a clear connection between moving on a space, expressing a concept through the movement with what is set in a graphic image.

I have performed in Y Ahora Qué?, by Zenaida Alcalde, with live painting, dancing and more; Gala by Jérôme Bel, dance show; Ella, by Lucía Marote, dance show.


If you are interest in working with Lauracharlie, please contact me. Any request are welcome.

All works: ©lauracharlie